Welcome to Third Secret handmade artisan products, I’m so glad you stopped by today.

I’ve been having fun these past few years making my own products and have a small but I believe beautiful range that started out when I wanted to make products that I would use myself, simple and honest in their makeup, created in small batches and free of petro chemicals, sulphates or fragrances, and I only wanted to use high grade ingredients such as rich oils, salts, butters and the purest of Essential oils.

I then started sprinkling some of my wears with gems, a little magic and faerie dust as I started to evolve more spiritually, slowly morphing my range to reflect myself in a more holistic way which is how I like to live my day to day, a sort of mix of personal hygiene with a spiritual practice thrown in.

It is so important to take time for yourself when and where you can. In my case it keeps me centered, relaxed and spiritually connected and there’s nothing better than a Moon Ritual bath session to get your mind manifesting while getting the body clean at the same time.

I am always finding new and exciting ways to bring my imaginings to life and I’m always evolving as I do, so who knows where it could all go from here….

But now that you’ve found yourself here, I hope you enjoy taking a little look at what I’ve been up to, there’s a lot of love and soul balance with my eclectic range of ritualistic self care and you never know, you may stumble across the perfect gift for yourself or for your favourite person, all serendipity like.




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