I have been creating and making my own range of self care products here in Geelong for a number of years and have a small but I believe beautiful range that came about during a very difficult time in my life as I was struggling with various hormonal issues after going off the pill to try and have some babies. I was sick of feeling sick and in a fair amount of pain, so I started to research natural therapies in the hope that I could alleviate some of the symptoms I was experiencing.
Acupuncture and seeing a Naturopath where high on my “to do” list as was eating better, getting more sleep and finding more time for meditation, but I was also doing a lot of research on Essential oils at the time. Inhaling and using topically seemed the ticket and after a friend showed me some Essential oil blends that her sister had made to help with her Crohn’s disease, I wondered if that would be the best way to apply my therapeutic remedy, it would be really easy to use and I could pop the blend in my handbag and take it with me.
So I purchased a rolly bottle and a few specific Essential oils and I made my very first blend, I then rolled that blend everywhere! I loved it, it calmed me, soothed and centered me and became my first defense before having to take too many pain killers.
About a year later after having to have some surgery I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis and later Adenomyosis and I finally had answers to why I was in pain and for why I couldn’t have those babies I was trying to have, but by then my body was spent and more surgery was going to be needed over the course of a few years. Unfortunately even with the procedures I’ve had so far, I am not pain free, but I can at least say I’m pain killer free for the most part. Of course there are days where I do need more of a helping hand, but with my blends those days seem a little easier.

Over the years that blend morphed into many many blends, but that original blend was just the beginning of my love affair with creating and making my own products, it would also be the stepping stone that would lead me to create Third Secret.


Third Secret handmade artisan products were going to be simple and honest in their makeup, created in small batches with no nasty bits or fragrances and were going to include the use of high grade ingredients such as rich oils, salts, butters and of course those amazing Essential oils.

As time rolled on I was then sprinkling some of my wears with gems, a little magic and faerie dust as I started to evolve more spiritually. I was slowly morphing my range to reflect myself in a more holistic way which is how I try to live my day to day now, a sort of mix of personal hygiene with a spiritual practice thrown in.
It seems these last years have taught me that it is so important to take time for myself when and where I can. I not only need to nourish my physical body but my mind as well, it keeps me centered, relaxed and spiritually connected and I must admit, there’s nothing better than a Moon Ritual bath session to allow my mind to manifest while keeping my body clean at the same time.

Anyway, if you’ve managed to read this far thank you and I hope you’ve got some time to have a little look at what I’ve been up to as I am always finding new and exciting ways to bring my imaginings to life and I’m always evolving as I do. I’ve put a lot of love and soul balance into my eclectic range of ritualistic self care and you never know, maybe you’ve stumbled upon this page all serendipity like, maybe there’s something here that also speaks to you.