Are MICAS and OXIDES natural?

​I love doing the right things for myself, whether that be eating well and keeping hydrated, walking and making sure I get some “me time” with a spot of meditation or a good book (ok so I don’t always eat that well and I do like a sneaky champagne here and there….with my good book), so it’s easy for me to believe that using the simplest and most natural products is key to keeping proper balance and I stay as true to my products as I can too, however there are always little hurdles that I come across or lines in the sand that I just have to step over to get the desired result that I am after. 

When it came to using Mica and oxides to colour some of my products, I jumped that line.  

Other than the spices, charcoal and clays I use, some of the colours in my products include micas and titanium dioxide. Although they are considered ‘natural’, they have been processed in a lab, but if they were used as mother nature intended, they would be extremely harmful to us.

Micas and Oxides are considered nature identical meaning they are the exact same chemical structure as the platelet minerals found in the earth. They are however, processed so they are not 100% natural. Processing keeps the bad stuff, like lead for example, out of the colorants.
Industry wide, non synthetic micas and oxides are labeled as natural in all types of mineral makeup and kits for this reason because they are nature identical.

I use the best quality micas and oxides I can get my hands on because I love the colours and patterns I can create with them. They are also used in such small quantities as not a lot is needed to achieve my desired result, so the percentage used is extremely small. 
Which means in my case a 100% natural product is not always created, but more like 98%, when a mica or oxide is used.

​I still believe in the natural path, I always have, but I also believe that ‘some things in moderation’ is equally good for us.
I bet your serotonin levels spiked when you scrolled past one of those beautifully coloured swirled topped soap bar just now……..
​See good for you.

I hope this info helps when choosing one of my products that include a mica or oxide…… Going to pour myself a ‘moderate’ glass of champagne now, cheerio!!


How do I care for my soap?

Taking care of your soap is pretty easy to do, and by following these simple instructions you will have a longer lasting bar. 

When in use try to stay out of running water, when finished place in a well draining soap dish away from any direct contact with water. The less time your soap is in contact the harder and longer it will last, no one wants a mushy mess!

Make sure to keep any unused bars in a cool, dry place. ENJOY.​


What’s with all the bubble Wrap?

In 1957 bubble wrap was the hottest new invention.
It was originally designed as a 3D plastic wallpaper and although the idea was a failure (how did that not catch on?), it eventually ended up being the perfect packing material.

Moving? Just get some bubble wrap.
Hiding Grandma’s vase? Wrap it in bubble wrap and store it in the closet.
Can’t stop fidgeting? BUBBLE WRAP!

Today it’s everywhere and most commonly used to secure parcels. I have a bunch of bubble wrap sent to me all the time from my suppliers, so I collect it and then repurpose it in the parcels I send out to you.



Terms and Conditions

Third Secret uses essential oils for their aromatic and therapeutic properties and some of the products (in particular the blends, incense, salts and healing balm) have particular essential oils or combination of essential oils that are not recommended for children under the age of 8.

There is however a range for the littlest family member that can be applied that takes into consideration the ingredients and quantities used.

Third Secret takes great care in the dosage of these oils in their products, but when selecting any of Third Secret’s products please use your better judgment, research for yourself or ask your doctor before use, and that goes for you pregnant ladies out there too or for anyone who has sensitivities.

There are warnings on all of those products talked about here on the website for your information and consideration.

For hygiene reasons, we are unable to offer any returns for any of our body products. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, please get in contact so we can resolve the matter speedily for you.

We take every care to create the best products for your skin. All products have been tested extensively with varying skin types. You may however have a different experience to others. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, rinse immediately and discontinue use. Patch testing is recommended. Always for external use only.

We do not suggest that any of these products will cure or stop you from using any medications/therapies that your doctor subscribes you. If you need help, please seek that from a registered professional in their field who can help you.

These products should not be taken as concrete evidence or advice, please treat them as such and enjoy your time here on this website and with your products when you get them home.