Beeswax Candle – small



These hand rolled beeswax candles are made using Pure Aussie Beeswax are chemical free and feature a pure cotton wick. They are perfect to use in your spiritual practice as they emit a gorgeous light and gentle sweet smell and burn for approximately 3 hours.

I choose to burn beeswax as it gives a unique spiritual and energetic power to my practice, the light can keep the dark at bay and they are great to burn when creating a relaxed and ambient environment and for setting intentions.

Burning a beeswax candle can even cleanse and purify the air in your room as beeswax produces negative ions which can help to remove pollution from the air.

Enjoy the beautiful glow and honey scent of these wonderful natural air purifiers, they are a lovely companion to any spiritual practices or ritual.

10cm in length

Your Beeswax Candle may come in a range of natural colours, from a warm yellow to a golden honey, it all depends on what flowers the bees have been immersing themselves in. Always remember to play it safe with fire and to never leave your Beeswax candle unattended.

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