Palo Santo smudging stick – small



Palo Santo meaning ‘Holy wood’ in Spanish is a beautiful tool for purifying and clearing energy. Its light citrus and woody scent is deeply healing and uplifting, it can help raise your vibration bringing a sense of calm and clarity. Perfect for cleansing crystals, clearing your home or office or even to shoo pesky mozzies away. Palo Santo may even help calm the nervous and immune systems.
Burn to cleans your area by lighting your Palo Santo and letting it ember and smoke. Move this smoke around your room remembering to bless the space and to chant an incantation you feel drawn to in that moment. When smudging your crystals move your Palo Santo around the gem until you feel it has been cleansed or activated. When finished place in a fireproof dish and let the embers burn out.

Roughly 10.5cm x 1.5cm

Always remember to play it safe around fire and never leave your Palo Santo unattended while burning or smoldering.

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